GHS Appeals To Gov’t To Help End No Bed Syndrome

The Ghana Health Service is calling on Government as well as the ordinary citizens to help put a stop to the “No bed Syndrome” that saw a 7o year old man loose his life just recently.

“We will encourage Parliament and the whole citizenry to assist us to get what we need to make the system work”, the Director General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Anthony Nsiah Asare appealed whiles talking to Class Fm.

This call on Parliament and the citizenry comes following the death of Mr. Prince Anthony Opoku Acheampong, a 70 year old man who sadly lost his lives after being turned away by seven different hospitals for lack of beds available at those hospitals.

Dr. Anthony Nsiah Asare also disclosed that he blames system failures for the death of the 70 year old man and has vowed that the institution is going to work to ensure that the no bed syndrome will be a thing of the past.

“I don’t blame anybody. I blame the system, he said.

He further stated that the fact that it was not just one hospital that did not attend to the 70 year old man before he lost it life means that the unfortunate phenomenon that has surface recently shows that it is a something not just associated with either Private or Government Hospitals but rather it cuts across the whole spectrum of health care delivery.

“Not even one, seven, cutting across the whole spectrum of health care delivery. Private , Government, Teaching hospital, Regional Hospital, Police hospital, SSNIT hospital and then eventually in the District Hospital at Leckma where that time the patient after about four hours of roaming around Accra was already gone”, Dr. Nsiah cited.

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He added that the Ghana Health Service is motivated to end the no bed syndrome and as such they have formed a committee to investigate what really happened leading to the death of the man.

“We have formed a committee. Ghana Health Service has formed a committee to go in depth into what happened. Not to find a scapegoat as I have been saying but to find actually what went wrong”.

He shares that he has also given the hospitals up to 6th of July to provide a report on what happened.

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