Ghanaians Are Not Acquainted With New Policies – Isaac Crentsil


The responds from Ghanaian’s in relation to the paperless system in clearing goods at the harbor is very slow due to the abrasiveness of welcoming new procedure.

Commissioner Customs Division, Mr. Isaac Crentsil specified the paperless system was introduced last year may 2017, to reduce the stress people go through when clearing goods at the habour but as at the time of the arrival of the paperless system, one has to go through a 16 process format before your goods can be cleared.

We are doing our best to educate the public on how to go about the paperless system of clearing goods which saves time and helps boost the countries revenue he grilled in an interview with RSM Kofi Doe Lawson on Homebase TV’s Morning Show Eboboba.

He added ,the hustle and complaints of the public has when clearing goods have been noted which was the main reason why the paperless system was introduced to make the interaction between the custom officer and the trader faster and easier, but before paperless system was introduced, traders have a lot of shove they go through with relating to clearing of goods.

Mr. Isaac Crentsil said, no trader should be scared of a customer officer as a fact that every custom officer has an identity and it’s the tag on the shirt of the officer which makes it easier to identify that  particular officer should incase of  any loss of goods and forms of fraudulent activities.

According to Mr. Isaac Crentsil, aside the paperless system, government has introduced the pre-arrival system in the clearance of goods at the ports, which the pre-arrival system is in line with the International Trade and Customs.




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