Ghanaian Football Fan In Italy Name His Son ‘Silvio Berlusconi’ To Honor AC Milan Boss

The curious history of football and politics that comes to us from Modena: the Ghanaian metalworker Anthony Bohaene has decided to call his son “Silvio Berlusconi” in honour of the former premier, who granted him a residence permit.

Bohane, who has been living in Italy for 16 years, or since 2002, has been in Modena since 2004, after two years in Palermo. The youngest son is now 8 years old since he was born in 2010, and when it was time to re-register him at the registry office, the choice was easy. “Silvio Berlusconi” the name is chosen, as a tribute to the former president of Milan.

Here are the words of the worker: “I like the premier as a person, how he moves, even if I do not understand much about politics”.

The man and the son are clearly huge fans of the Rossoneri and the little one believes that Berlusconi is his grandfather:

“There is only one thing my son prefers to the matches of the Rossoneri on TV and it’s just Silvio Berlusconi. goes crazy: grabs the remote control and pretends nobody changes channels “.

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