Ghana@60 Dep Chair clarifies expenditures; says every pesewa will be accounted for


Deputy Chief of Staff Samuel Jinapor has assured Ghanaians, his committee can account for every single pesewa spent for the anniversary.

But asked for a general expenditure for the [email protected] independence celebrations, Samuel Jinapor who is also Deputy Chair of the [email protected] celebrations declined.

“I am extremely reluctant to give figures without express authorisation,” he told Kojo Yankson the host of Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Wednesday.

The nation’s expenditure on events has become of interest following reports that flags cost one million cedis.

The deputy chair explained the flags were to keep a patriotic momentum towards the March 6 independence celebration at the Independence Square in Accra.

He said some flags were procured by the committee to be distributed to children lined up on the streets. But he would not say how many flags were procured or how much it cost.

He, however, emphasised not all the national events marking the anniversary were the responsibility of the committee as far the cost was concerned.

Samuel Jinapor pointed out that events like the commemoration of the 28 February shooting, the presidential awards and the Open Day for visiting military garrisons have “absolutely nothing” to do with the [email protected] secretariat.

He said events like these were budgeted for by the previous Mahama administration.

Mr. Jinapor said the accounts of the [email protected] committee is very fluid because monies go in and monies go out. “It is practically difficult to give how much we raised and how much we’ve spent” at this juncture.

The committee has been tasked to organise a “modest but elegant” celebrations ending March 2018.

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Some GHC20m has been budgeted for the year-long event with the money expected to be raised through private sector contributions and donations.

The government plans to build 60 libraries as part of the celebrations.

He said some cost component is not a liability of the committee but the government’s, citing the cost incurred by the red carpet treatment rolled out to visiting Heads of State.

Samuel Jinapor wants Ghanaians to be patient about accountability. “When the anniversary is over we will render a full account to the office”, he said.

Story by Ghana||Edwin [email protected]

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