German lower-side KFC counting on experience of midfielder Charles Takyi

Newly signed Ghanaian midfielder Charles Takyi is one of the three players to have been purchased by KFC Uerdingen for the upcoming German Oberliga Niederrheim season.

A lot has changed since the rise to the regional league just two months ago.

President Mikhail Ponomarev, board member Nikolas Weinhart and chef Michael Wiesinger have turned the team up – for higher tasks.

For the businessman from Moscow there is only one goal: promotion to the 3rd league within two years.

It does not happen every day that a team is so divided and redesigned after a success – 14 new ones have come, eleven had to go.

27 players include the squad. In the last test match, Wiesinger offered a starting eleven with only three players from the previous year.

Kai Schwertfeger and Oguzhan Kefkir were only brought in during the winter. They had already been conceived as early summer transfers.

Midfielder Pascale Talarski is the only one who has survived from the former coach André Pawlak’s original squad in the starting eleven. Even the captain is a new, though perhaps due to the fact that the old game leader no longer wanted.

Mario Erb is now the extended arm of the coach. In the previous year, he led the team of the third-league RW Erfurt in the field.

The KFC has gained a lot of high-class experience. Christian Dorda, Christopher Schorch have played in the Bundesliga several times, just like Charles Takyi.

A little more than 770 second league appearances are distributed on the shoulders of the new KFC, including Timo Achenbach alone with a little more than 300, and Alexander Bittroff, a German defensive champion, followed with 167 entries in the Bundesliga lower house.

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The new team’s third-division league experience amounts to more than 800 games. René Vollath, who has been drawn from Karlsruhe, has overthrowed goalkeeper Maurice Schumacher.

This was found in test matches against Velbert and Cologne only on the stands. Wiesinger has selected the 23-year-old Robin Benz as the new number two.

Four U 23 players must nominate the KFC for the squad in every match. The offensive midfielder Kefkir says about the new KFC: “We are already well-played and a team. You’ve seen that. “The new striker Lucas Musculus, who knows the regional league from Bonn, says.

“We have a super coach and super team and want to get up say. “The KFC will probably have to live with a favorite role in the face of its massive conversions.

Wiesinger says,”The pressure is there anyway. Every game gets damn hard. The West League is very balanced.”

Credit: WestDeutsche Zeitung

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