Gas Explosion: I’ve lost millions of dollars – Manager laments

George Owusu, Manager of MANSCO Gas Limited, which exploded at the Atomic Junction in Madina on Saturday, October 6 has said he has lost millions of dollars in the disaster.

When asked by journalists to reveal how much his business has been affected by the disaster, he said: “We are now going to do the estimate to know, but I can say we have lost thousands of dollars, or millions of dollars.”

The explosion killed at least seven people and injured 132 others who are being treated at the 37 Military Hospital.

Authorities of the University of Ghana have also indicated that 20 of their students were affected by the incident.

Stella Amoah, Director of Public Affairs of the University, which is a few meters away from where the incident occurred, told the media on Monday, October 9 that: “20 of our students suffered injuries and they received treatment at the University Hospital.

“16 of them have been discharged and four have been detained for further observation.”

Meanwhile, the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has revealed that investigations concerning the Atomic Junction gas explosion on Saturday, October 7, will be concluded within some few days.

Responding to a question in an interview on Monday, October 9 the Deputy Public Relations Officer of GNFS, Prince Billy Anaglate, said: “We are continuing investigations and until it is finished, the work is still not completed,” adding: “We are hoping that by the close of this week, we should conclude on the investigations.”



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