Establishment of a Pesticide Residue Laboratory

The Ghana Standards Authority had established a pesticide residue laboratory to check the quality of vegetables imported into the European market.


The project is funded by the German government. Some vegetables from Ghana were banned from entering the European market in 2015 as a result of failure to meet the required quality standards.

This made the European union retreated to sanction Ghana due to some vegetables that were rotten and worm infested by the time they arrived at the European Union markets. According to European Union it will not compromise on quality although there is a huge market for Ghanaian produce. With regards to this, the European Union is helping local farmers with trade assistance and quality enabling programs.


Also the plant and regulatory services directives were tasked to investigate the failure to achieve European Union quality requirements and implement corrective measures to ensure the listed consignment are exported freely.


The Executive Director of Ghana Standards Authority Professor Alex Doodo said more holder farmers have been involved in implementing in addressing the problem. “We have adopted those standards especially for export. Also Ghana Standards Authority will ensure that produce are genuine and certified for the market it will be going onto”, he added.


Source: Maame Anima Akowuah



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