Edem Defends Wendy Shay over Dump Question by MzGee.

Edem Defends Wendy Shay over “Dump” Question by MzGee.


Ghanaian versatile Rapper Edem has expressed opinion on Wendy Shay’s question after a performance with Kuami Eugene and rapper Eno at BF Suma concert, as she was engaged by Joy News’ MzGee.

Edem, drawing a sketch to the matter, said the artist did not really read meaning to the presenter questions thereby poking MzGee.

In an interview with Zeal of HbTunez on Homebase Tv , he stated that “artist are always in a different state of mind after performing on stage , so Ghanaians should psyched mind with her and stop the lambasting , she is human”he added.

Two weeks ago after all the pleasantries on her works and performance, MzGee delved into the trending issues around Wendy’s brand and that got the artiste irritated.

MzGee: You’ve been trending because of an audio.

Wendy Shay: I’ve already talked about this so many times. So go look at my other interviews….It was the hype now let’s move forward.

MzGee: You want to move on from that?

Wendy Shay: ….Oh life goes on, we are still working. We brought up a beautiful song, “The Boy is Mine,” and that’s what we are concentrating on right now. We are bringing out good and amazing songs. Everybody and their way of bringing out new songs.

MzGee: So that your style. So Ghanaians should accept you for that?

Wendy Shay: They should accept me for who I am as Wendy Shay.

MzGee: Who are you as Wendy Shay?

Wendy Shay: Who am I as Wendy Shay, ok can we cut the question. This is a dumb question. I don’t know, who is Wendy Shay.


Source – hbtvghana.com

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