Demand for sex is high in Ghana – Security Expert

The demand for sex is very high in Ghana that is why more people are now indulging in prostitution.

”It has emerged that, more people are practicing the old profession ‘prostitution’ because of the demand for sex in Ghana”, Security Expert Irbard Ibrahim revealed today on Homebase TV’s Morning Show ‘Eboboba’.

”More young women across west Africa are into the profession since the demand for sex is very high in our part of the World which is very alarming” he added.

He said, morality in Ghana is going down the drain and has a result of high rate of prostitution in various communities of Ghana.

He called on the Ghanaian society to up the game of protecting the African Culture and values to help curb prostitution in the Country.

Mr. Irbard Ibrahim, who was speaking to Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe on the high rate of young women in prostitution, advised young women to find better ways in dealing with poverty in society rather than engaging in prostitution which the African society frowns on.


One-hundred and fifty-seven criminals, including commercial sex workers and their patrons, have been rounded up at a growing slum at Madina Redco in Accra by the Police.

They include 46 female, 10 Nigerians and one Liberian. Some of the prostitutes and their patrons were arrested while having sex.

They were arrested during a Monday dawn swoop by the Accra Regional Command Police at the place which the police have identified as a haven for criminals in the area.

The slum, regarded as a commercial sex market with a 24-hour service, according to the Police, is where criminals plot and conduct all manner of criminal activities from.

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It is located on a large parcel of land adjacent the Redco flats, near Ritz junction at Madina.






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