CID raid was a fruitless exercise – Ex-advisor

A former Technical Advisor at the Energy Ministry, Francis Gyata, has described as a fruitless exercise, the raiding of his home by personnel of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in connection with investigations into the $510 million AMERI deal.

He says he is unfazed by the action of the security mean at his home on Tuesday, July 25 which led to the seizure of his laptop and other devices because “as far as he is concerned, they worked as professionals, I’m not a decision maker I was supposed to implement a project and I have done that for my country and I think this is just a wild goose chase”.

“It is true that the Ameri project was done for $360million but Ameri is a developer and the circumstance was just like buying a car on hire purchase. For instance, if you get a Land Cruiser for $100,000 and you don’t have the money today and you want to buy it through the bank, it might cost you twice the amount by the time you finish paying for it over three years and basically that is what Ameri is”.

He explained that the plant becomes Ghana’s after 60 months.

Responding to critics who say the project could have been carried out at a cheaper cost, he said: “If government provided us with money, $320million, we could have built Ameri but we wouldn’t have done it within 90 days but probably we would have done it in a year and it wouldn’t have been such a beautiful plant that it is now”.

The raid at Mr Gyata’s home comes a day after similar raid at the home of former Power Minister Dr Kwabena Donkor on Monday dawn in relation to the same investigation.

The Pru East MP’s four pen drives and laptop were seized by the officers.

The search which was conducted with a warrant, was done in a “professional” manner.

The officers got to Dr Donkor’s private residence while he was still asleep. Dr Donkor was alerted of their presence by his security man. Dr Donkor, according to sources, cooperated with the officers.

The Mahama administration, in the heat of the dumsor crisis in 2015, entered into the $510million deal with AMERI for the supply of power plants to mitigate the power crisis.

The then-opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) as well as Civil Society Organisations such as IMANI and Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) criticised the deal saying the government could have gone for the same deal at almost half the price.



Source: Class fm

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