Black Stars Players Are Patriotic

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Isaac Kwame Asiamah believes the Black Stars players willingness to accept their bonuses being slashed indicate their sense of patriotism.

The winning bonus for the players was slashed from $10,000 to $5,000 after the New Patriotic Party assumed office in 2016.

And according to him, the players willingly accepted the reduction of their winning bonuses from the $10,000 to $5,000 shows a clear sense of patriotism among the players.

Speaking at the Meet-The-Press series on Tuesday, 13th, March 2018, Mr Asiamah indicated the willingness of the players to accept the cut in the bonuses showed they are patriotic.

“We have explained to the players that the government can no longer pay exorbitant winning bonuses given the limited resources at our disposal”, he told the media in Kumasi.

“Somebody is enjoying $10,000 and you bring it to $5,000, it is not easy at all. But I told the players that they were worth more than $5000 but let us develop that high sense of nationalism and patriotism for our country and they agreed.

“I want to report that the players are more patriotic to the cause of this country.” “Our players are more patriotic,” he stressed.

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