Bitterness is like drinking poison to die soon – Rev. Marylyn Opoku Acheampong

Most heart attacks, migraine and health related issues can be related to bitterness most women have against men who have caused them pain.

When you forgive persons who have caused you pain you begin new things and flourish prudently.
Becoming bitter about a happening can lead to suicide and other health implication that are avoidable. Rev. Marylyn Opoku Acheampong made this known when addressing the maiden edition of the Single Mothers Conference and expo.
Addressing the gathering she urged the participantssaying, ”Forgive people for the well being of your own self.

No matter the situation always forgive and harbor not bitterness in you cause they are many opportunities and chances that can help.
Say good bye to men who hurt you avoiding bitterness since life has a lot to offer than to wait for vengeance on people who hurt you.

Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but its rather prolongs your life span. People who are full of hurts must be ignored.