Beyoncé’s fans are convinced the star is pregnant with her fourth child!
The 37-year-old mother of three — at the moment — has been sharing some photos from her summer vacation with the family in the Hamptons, and included some shots in a stunning purple outfit.

However, Queen Bey’s loyal disciples analyzed the photos extensively, and are all in agreement that she’s keeping something under wraps.

Commenters went wild when they noticed that Bey was covering her stomach with her arms and purple purse, which was enough evidence to convince them she is preggers.
The picture is not the only thing that has the bee hive swayed that her and husband Jay-Z are expecting. Many people think that the superstar is dropping hints, such as using the color purple and her references to the “Lion King.”

One fan commented writing, “We’ve been saying muva is pregnant.. she’s been dropping clues the entire album. Purple is royalty… simba (King) (son) .. the lions curled up like a fetus. There’s so much more but remember we said it!”

Anther fan said, “She’s clearly hiding her stomach, 4 is her favorite number, why would she not be pregnant with baby number 4.”

“IS SHE HIDING A BABY BUMP?????” wrote a speculating fan.
“That baby bump tho,” another wrote.

Beyoncé scored her seventh No. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart in the week ending August 3 due to her record, “The Lion King: The Gift”.

Variety reported that Jon Favreau’s remake of The Lion King has earned $361 million at the domestic box office and $638 million overseas – making it Disney’s fourth title to surpass $1 billion this year.


Source: msn



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