Atomic gas explosion: Fire Service discounts khebab seller theory – cause will be released by the close of the week

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has discounted suggestions that last Saturday’s deadly gas explosion at Atomic Junction near Madina was caused by the charcoal grill of a khebab seller who was nearby.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the GNFS, Prince Billy Anaglatey determining the cause of the fire should be left to technical persons such as the GNFS to investigate.

He explained that having a khebab seller around the scene of the gas leakage does not mean that was the cause of the inferno because there were other factors such as the direction and speed of the wind at play.

“I saw people coming out with the cause of the fire and I want to say that to determine the cause of the fire should be left to we the technical people to determine what exactly the cause is.

“It is wrong, I saw on social media they were saying that it was even a khebab seller who has caused that. Of course, as much as fire from a khebab seller within the vicinity could cause it but there are other indicators you need to look at.

“You need to determine the distance of the khebab seller, you need to determine the velocity of the wind, the direction of the win, the concentration of the gas and then to know if really indeed that gas could cause it, so having a khebab seller just around is not enough for anybody to conclude on it”.

He also advised the public to desist from ascribing reasons to the cause of the explosion.

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“People should stop discussing the causes of the fire we are investigating it and by the close of this week, we will definitely come out with what exactly caused it,” he stressed.

As of yesterday, reports said seven persons had lost their lives to the fire, while 132 had been injured.


Source: Graphic Online

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