Athletic Scholarship to Study and Play Soccer in USA 


Athletic Scholarship to Study and Play Soccer in USA 


A premier consulting and management group based in Ghana is about to give out the best opportunity ever to young talented Ghanaian players.

According to Richard Opoku the mater brain behind the whole program said, these is not the first and would not certainly be the last , such a huge opportunity is here to help the young talents in Ghana and also build a strong football team from the nation as whole .

In an interview with Ghana's finest sports personality Mac-Paradise Okocha, Richard Opoku claims his management team is set to bring coaches which that have high knowledge in the game on the flied of paly. He mentioned that playing football outside in the states have level altogether cause your part of your monthly wages will be used cater for that individuals education and personal life as well.

(photo of Richard Opoku)

Who Is Qualified To Take Part

All tertiary institution students and all current senior high school currently students and graduate students (both male and female)

Venue: Presec Legon

Amount: 50ghc for single & 1000ghc for a team of 18 players

Contact Mawuli on +233243812788. Or visit www.premiercam.net



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