Akuse Youth Demand Development Projects From VRA

A group calling itself Akuse Youth for Impact Association, has petitioned the Volta River Authority (VRA), to support the development of the community.

According to them, the town lacks many essential amenities and continues to struggle with development although the VRA has operated for years in the area, and has profited immensely.

In a petition presented to the company, the group urged the VRA to reserve 45 percent of jobs for the youth of the area to reduce the high incidence of unemployment.

“We have a pool of young and energetic graduates with degrees and advanced qualifications in all fields of Engineering, Management and Social Sciences who are unemployed. We, therefore, request as a matter of employment equity, a minimum 45 percent employment quota from VRA Akuse, for the youth and indigenes of Akuse. We also request that this 45 percent employment quota for Akuse youth be made a corporate employment policy in VRA Akuse for the benefit of future generations in Akuse community”.

The youth urged the VRA to also contribute an annual sum of GHC 100,000 to a youth fund for the training of young people.

“We have launched the Akuse Youth Development Fund to offer funding to youth owned, and youth managed small businesses. The Akuse Youth Development Fund, which will be managed by an Investment Adviser licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission, will also support skill training workshops and small business seminars for graduate entrepreneurs in Akuse and surrounding communities. To this effect, we request a GHS 100,000 financial support from VRA every year, as a matter of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSRP) to the Akuse Youth Development Fund”.

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The group also complained about the poor road network in the area.

“That the about ten (10) Kilometer stretch of road from Akuse Junction (Okwenya) to Asutsuare which is mainly used by VRA Akuse, has completely deteriorated and needs immediate work, as it poses danger to commuters. We therefore request that the road be fixed immediately. We also request that the maintenance of same road be made a matter of a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSRP)”

“The safety of the Akuse community is critical for all residents, and we request that street lights should be made available from Akuse Junction in Okwenya right to Asutsuare, and be maintained periodically. A proper drainage system constructed to ensure sewage control and management for the community also put in place. We, therefore, request that VRA constructs a proper drainage network for the Akuse community and ensure the street lights in the community are in good shape at all times as a matter of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSRP). We also request for the entire Akuse community be put on the local VRA grid.”

“We also request the construction of a modern Lorry Station for passenger management and a modern market for the community. This we request, should be built and maintained as a matter of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSRP). We also request that the Akuse clubhouse and all social amenities in there be made available when needed by Akuse Youth for Impact to hold workshops, seminars and recreational activities, at no cost, when not in use by VRA staff. VRA has enjoyed many years of peaceful coexistence with the natives and residents of the Akuse community, and our demands will only go a long way to strengthen that relationship. We, therefore, pray our demands meet your kindest consideration.”

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