Actress, Belinda Effah Opens Fresh Food Store in Lagos (photos)

Some Nollywood celebrities are not taking things for granted these days as they have began to diversify not wanting to depend on acting alone as talents are being discovered every day.

Pretty Nollywood actress, Belinda Effah, recently showed many that she can sell food stuffs in a modernized way as she tries to bring the local market closer to the people living on the Island.

The actress had completed a survey to know what some people living in some part of the Island needed and she discovered that the local market was far from some residence so she capitalized on their needs by opening a food store.

The grand opening of the shop, ‘Favor Right Foods’ had some industry colleagues and friends come grace the event with prayers of great sales and more branches.

Sharing the good news, she wrote, “We Stock and Sell All Kinds Of African Foods ranging From Palm oil Crayfish , Garri, Rice , Meat , Fish , Vegetables , Tomatoes, etc #Eveything You Desire To buy From The Market #We Will Like To Make Your Market Experience Worthwhile With Our Very Affordable Prices better than That In The Market #Freshness and Quality Is our Forte and Watch Word #Send Us Your Orders and your pricelist as you want it we deliver to your office or home. We Already Stock up the store with all food items so you only get to pay for delivery. #You Do Not Have to Stress Yourself To Go To The Market Anymore. #We Cover Both Large and Small Orders #Make Us Your Favorite and You Won’t Regret It #Taking The Market Stress Off You #Bringing Your Favorite #Call Us or Visit Us at Princess and Angels Mall opp Lagos Business School.”


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