A Plus Is More Than a Thief – Sangbo Nartey


A Plus Is More Than a Thief – Sangbo Nartey

That man called A Plus is an armed robber for such an extorted act never speaks well of him as a person and a political communicator.

A communication Team member for the New Parotic party (NPP) and the vice chairman for okine kwei south, Mr. Sangbo Nartey has cleared the air in statement he made on a political show dubbed Delivering on our promising with Ohene Amoako on Homebase Tv on an act he describes as unprofessional anyone who finds himself in such an act is an armed robber.

The vice chairman for okine kwei south also stated that , “some journalist are so lazy to the extent that they don’t take time to verify if the story  they are about publish is the truth or not, such people are quack  journalists and have no idea on their job, as well as self-discipline.

The allegation that was first made on A plus Facebook wall, led many media houses pulling out a story without verifications.

Finally Mr. Sangbo Nartey said, A plus and all media houses who took the chance to publish that particular story must not be left out he added.

Here is the statement A Plus made on his Facebook wall.

“Charley me I still don’t understand how 8 people spent 10,652,00 on food during a meeting. Ah how? It means each person’s food (just one meal) cost 1,335.00 Ghana cedis. Really? If you own Ghana as your private company will you spend this amount on a meal for just one meeting? If we complained during the campaign that NDC spent 20 dollars on Kenkey in Brazil, how then can we support this? 20 dollars is just 100 Ghana. This is 1.335.00 per person per meal. Did they chew golden sausages or the elephant itself came to the meeting?” A Plus wrote.




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