7 Harmful Effects Of Sleeping Late


Stress symptoms are strongly influenced by the amount of sleep one gets on a daily basis. It’s been generally observed people who sleep till late find themselves more stressed than their counterparts. An improper sleeping schedule can cause mental disorders including depression, Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. People who sleep late are known to depend more on sleeping pills for sleep which can further increase stress levels in their daily life.

2. Cause of diseases
You are prone to develop some serious health problems with your habit of sleeping late. According to various medical studies conducted worldwide, a hormone named cortisol is released in the body as we sleep late. This hormone is responsible for increase in our blood pressure and reduction in the cell regeneration activity. You can also develop diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

3. Dark circles under the eyes
Nothing is more unpleasant than developing ugly dark circles under your eyes. And this is what can bother you, if you’re slowly getting entrapped in the habit of sleeping late. The reason behind the appearance of dark circles under your eyes is inadequate sleep or change in sleeping hours. You must have noticed that all the celluloid celebrities are up with dark circles under their eyes because of the habit of working late till night, followed by waking later in the morning. Pimples and other kinds of skin problems also appear on your face due to faulty sleeping habits.

4. Obesity
It has been observed that people who get into the habit of sleeping late normally skip their breakfast. This can not only make you crave for food during your working hours, forcing you to munch on all kinds of fast foods, but also weaken your metabolism. Such people tend to consume easy-to-grab foods, mostly the junks, which only add more fat to their bodies. Also, if you are awaken till late at night, you are bound to consume diet sodas, sugary drinks and other fatty foods such as fried potato chips, as you are bound to get hungry after dinner. Waking up late also cuts any chances of you getting involved with early morning physical workouts.

5. Headaches & back aches
Sleeping late affects the brain most adversely. Its functioning is hampered considerably and you struggle with frequent headaches. Even your body troubles you in form of back aches. You are bound to develop persistent cough and mild fever which can take a toll on your overall health as well.

6. Heavy voice
Have you ever noticed how much out of place your voice appears when you wake up late? If not, then let me tell you that sleeping late has an adverse affect over the voice quality and tone. The voice grain becomes too hoarse and rough, as you get into the habit of waking up late. Waking up late is more harmful for chain smokers as they usually smoke more when awaken all alone, while others in the family are sleeping.

7. Loss of concentration
Sleeping late makes you wake up late and this can lead to loss of concentration. Sleeping beyond nature’s permissible sleep hours can offset your mood and lead to considerable drop in concentration. It’s always advisable to lead life according to the in-built time table of the body. Moreover, if your counterparts are waking in time, it means you can lag behind them in the day’s work – and reduced time means a lack of concentration too.


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