4 Easily Digestible Foods To Include In Your Meals

Photo credit - Dasiba Tamale

Photo credit – Dasiba Tamale

1. Rice
Rice contains mainly carbs and is very easy to digest.

Although brown rice is a healthier choice than white, your body will digest the white variety faster. Brown rice contains all parts of the grain, including the bran and germ, which are the most nutritious and fibrous parts.

In contrast, white rice has had these parts of the grain removed. It is not as nutritious, and is converted to sugar faster, since there is almost no fiber to slow down its digestion.

However, cooling your rice after boiling it might make it less digestible. As it cools, the starch in rice turns into something called resistant starch, which means it is not digested — it is resistant to digestion.

2. Lean Meat
Lean meats like chicken and turkey are easy on your stomach. They also contain high-quality protein, which is one of the most filling macronutrients.

In fact, half a chicken breast contains 27 grams of protein. Chicken and turkey do not contain any carbs, and therefore no fiber

It’s best to cut the skin off the meat, because it contains fats that are not as easy to digest as protein

Avoid meat that has been pan-fried or deep-fried, since the added fat can upset your stomach. Also be sure to cook your meat properly to minimize the risk of foodborne bacteria that can cause diarrhea or vomiting.

3. Ripe Bananas
Bananas aren’t just popular, they’re also very nutritious. They mostly contain carbs in the form of either starch or sugar, depending on their ripeness.

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Green, unripe bananas have a high content of resistant starch, which escapes digestion. As the banana ripens, its starches break down into simple sugars that your body can digest easily.

Interestingly, the starch content of unripe bananas is about 70–80%, but decreases to less than 1% once they have ripened.

4. Boiled Potatoes
Potatoes are rich in carbs and contain several important nutrients

The carbs in potatoes are mostly starch, which makes up about 15–20% of their fresh weight. Raw potatoes contain a lot of resistant starch, which is not digested. However, potatoes are not usually eaten raw.

Cooking potatoes makes the starches easily digestible. Boiled potatoes contain less resistant starch than baked potatoes, so are the better option for easy digestion.

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